The Fast and Furious Program

The Fast and Furious Program

Fast Workouts with Real Results

It goes without saying that I am a busy guy.  I run two businesses, am at the gym all day and have a family to spend time with and take care of.

It is really hard to find time to train, let alone set aside 1-2 hours a day to get a workout in for myself.  So when I designed the Fast and Furious (FaF) program, I was looking for high impact in the shortest amount of time possible.

And that is what the program gives you.  Not only that, it gives you something much more important – your time back. 

Fast and Furious Workout (FaF)

Part 1:  Warm-up
The FaF workout consists of a quick warm-up that you do before you even touch a weight.  As you know, here at Diesel, we never skip the warm-up.  Some days you need more warm-up and some days you can just go into the gym and hit the ground running.

Part 2:  The Workout
The workout will consist of only 3 exercises that you do back to back with minimal to no rest between, i.e., 1A) then 1B) then 1C).  After the third exercise, you rest 60-90 seconds and repeat.

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